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Part II of the Book: ACTION

Guidance for Your Change Process


In Part II we provide guidance to enhance the success of your process for transforming to PCBE.  It is based on a set of values and principles about the change process.  It also includes guidance in the form of activities that should be done in a sequence (phases and steps, like forming a team) and activities that should be done continuously throughout the process (like building and maintaining motivation for change).  


The framework below shows that the values are the foundation for the whole change process. The principles are based on the values but are also based on evidence. The principles guide both the sequential and continuous activities.

Chapter 8 describes the common elements of the framework: the values, principles, and continuous activities that your team should consider adopting.  It also helps you decide on the scope of your change – a single school or a whole district – because the sequential activities are somewhat different for each.

Chapter 9 offers guidance for the sequential activities for a school district.

Chapter 10 offers guidance for the sequential activities for a single school.

Each chapter begins with an overview, followed by detailed guidance.  

Finally, the book offers an appendix of organizations, updated regularly here, that can help you with your change process.

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