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Part I of the Book: VISION

Guidance for Your Vision of PCBE

Six Core Ideas with 25 Principles for your Vision of PCBE


There is one chapter for each core idea.  

Each chapter has a section that provides an understanding of the principles that comprise its core idea.  This is followed by a section that provides detailed guidance to help you apply each principle to your own vision.

Visions in Action

Chapter 7 describes how these principles are embodied in two school systems.  One is an independent public school, the Minnesota New Country School in Henderson, Minnesota.  The other is a public school district, the Lindsay Unified School District in Lindsay, California.


Finally, the book offers an appendix of resources, updated regularly here, including a list of organizations that can help you with your vision and a list of schools you can visit to see their visions in action.

Core Ideas

1. Competency-Based Education

A. Competency-based student progress

B. Competency-based student assessment

C. Competency-based learning targets

D. Competency-based student records

2. Learner-Centered Instruction

E. Learning by doing

F. Instructional support

G. Personalized learning

H. Collaborative learning

3. Restructured Curriculum

I. Relevance to students' current and future lives

J. Whole-child education

K. Balance of universal content and individual strengths

L. Sound progressions in content

4. New Roles

M. Teacher as guide

N. Self-directed student

O. Parent as partner

P. Technology as tool for students

5. A Nurturing Culture

Q. Strong and caring relationships

R. Multi-year mentoring and multi-age grouping

S. Motivational learning

T. Family services

6. New Organizational Structures

U. Small school size

V. Professional organizational structure

W. Student choice, incentives, and accountability

X. Administrative structures

Y. Governance structures

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