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Photos of Reigeluth-Blakeslee Ancestors

I only have two photos of this generation:

  • Felice Lyons

  • Harry Seelye


Both were born in the first decade of 1800.

Reigeluth Crest.jpg
Family Tree.jpg

Robert Seelye




Robert Reigeluth Cropped.jpg

Fifth generation for which we have photos

Harry Seelye.jpg



Felice Lyons Cropped.jpg



Seven Seelye Brothers - Harry (Grandfath

Harry Seelye is on the top left.  He was the father of Seth Taylor Seelye and the grandfather of Julia Seelye Blakeslee.

Also in the photo are his six brothers: George and Ransom on the top row and Frederick, Isaac, Aaron, and Seth on the bottom.

Felice Lyons was the mother of Mary Brining and the grandmother of John J. Reigeluth.

Felice Lyons, Maternal Grandmother of Jo
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