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Photos of Reigeluth-Blakeslee Ancestors

Reigeluth Crest.jpg

Second Generation

Photos for this generation include:

  • Jacob Reigeluth (1830 - 18??) and Mary Brining (1833 - 1895)

  • Nelson Ellison (1831 - 1897)

  • Seth Taylor Seelye (1834 - 1898) and Julia T. Freeman (1840 - 1884)

Family Tree.jpg

Robert Seelye



Robert Reigeluth Cropped.jpg

Fifth generation for which we have photos

Mary Breining Reigeluth, Mother of John

Mary Brining - Born 1833

Married to Jacob Reigeluth

Mother of John J. Reigeluth

Grandmother of Ray J. Reigeluth

Jacob Reigeluth, with son John J. Reigel

Jacob Reigeluth (born in 1830) with son John J.

Seelye House in Mobile.jpg

Seelye Home in Mobile, Alabama

Charles W. Blakeslee 50th Anniversary In

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation

Julia Freeman

Lived 1840-1884.

Married Seth Taylor Seeley in Mobile, Alabama, February 7, 1860.

Had two children: Mary in 1860 and Julia in 1863.

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