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Photos of Reigeluth-Blakeslee Ancestors

Fourth Generation

This generation includes:

  • Ray J. Reigeluth, 1884 - 1963

  • Julia Blakeslee Reigeluth, 1888 - 1983

Family Tree.jpg

Robert Seelye



Robert Reigeluth Cropped.jpg

Fifth generation for which we have photos

Reigeluth Crest.jpg
Ray John Reigeluth Baby.jpg

Ray J. Reigeluth, Born 1884

Ray John Reigeluth.jpg

Ray, about Age 20?

Ray John Reigeluth a.jpg
Ray John Reigeluth b.jpg
Ray John Reigeluth c.jpg
Ray J. Reigeluth
Ray John Reigeluth & Sister Ethel Anne R

Ray with Sister Ethel Anne

Ray John Reigeluth with sons John and Ro

Ray with Sons John & Robert

Ray John Reigeluth d.jpg
Ray with Sons John & Robert Golfing.jpg

Ray with Sons John, Robert, and John's friend, Rudy (next to Ray)

Ray Reigeluth with Yale Class of 1908 -

Ray at Yale Reunion, Class of 1908 (50th reunion?)

Julia Blakeslee Reigeluth
Julia Seelye Blakeslee b.jpg
Julia Seelye Blakeslee.jpg

Julia Seelye Blakeslee, Born 1888

Julia B. Reigeluth with Classmates at Da

Julia (center, back row) with Classmates at Dana Hall School

Julia Seelye Blakeslee Reigeluth Wedding
Julia Seelye Blakeslee Reigeluth Wedding

Julia (age 25) on Wedding Day, 1913

Julia Blakeslee Reigeluth with Baby Son.

Julia with Son John, 1915

Julia Blakeslee Reigeluth with son John.

Julia with Son John, 1916

Julia Blakeslee Reigeluth with sons (abo

Julia with Sons John and Robert, ca. 1921

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