Photos of Reigeluth-Blakeslee Ancestors

Third Generation

This generation includes:

  • John Jacob Reigeluth (1860-1933) and Ida Jane Ellison (1862-1951)

  • Clarence Blakeslee (1863-1954) and Julia Seelye (1865-1958)

Photos are chronological within each family

Robert Seelye



Fifth generation for which we have photos

Reigeluth - Ellison

Ida Jane Ellison (age 18), late 1880

John J. Reigeluth (age 4) with father Jacob, 1864

Ida Ellison Reigeluth, 1883

John J. Reigeluth with Ida and son Ray in 1889

John J. Reigeluth 

John J. Reigeluth 

Hereford Road, Bronxville, NY

Blakeslee - Seelye

Julia Seelye Blakeslee

Clarence Blakeslee

Ray Reigeluth, John Reigeluth, John's friend Rudy, and Clarence Blakeslee

Julia and Clarence Blakeslee with daughter Ruth (standing)

About 1948 at King Street in Falmouth, Massachusetts

Julia Blakeslee, Julia Reigeluth, Olga Reigeluth, Clarence Blakeslee, Robert Reigeluth, Ruth Blakeslee, John Reigeluth, Mary Reigeluth

Children from left to right are: Charles Reigeluth, Julia M. Reigeluth, and John Reigeluth, Jr.